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Full Metal Burgers was born out of a love for food, friends, and Southern California craft beer. Company owner, Ben Burley (yep — that’s his real name), spent years working a desk job in a stressful industry, but was happiest when he was cooking for his friends and sitting in the backyard enjoying a cold one.


After a year of perfecting the right burger strategy and trying it out on roommates and friends, the idea to start a burger company was planted. Excellent names for menu items and the business were brainstormed one day over beers at Prohibition Brewing in Vista and just about everything was in place.


The real test was an auto show in the Summer of 2016. The usual food vendor was out, and Full Metal Burgers was in. That first event started a string of other bookings and by January of 2017, we were a full time operation, trekking to breweries, parties, and events all over San Diego.


FMB is more than just a rad burger stand. It’s about passion for making our customers’ day with delicious food and serving up plenty of our true personalities as well. Next time you visit, feel free to ask what we’re blasting on the playlist or to check out Ben’s amazing burger tattoo; we’re serious about this!