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Full Metal Burgers was born out of a love for food, friends, and Southern California craft beer.

We pride ourselves on our company culture of individuality and personal respect through our genuine interactions with customers and each other.

We strive to uplift our employees through their own personal & professional development; our tight-knit team works for each other as much as themselves.

Tired of the same old corporate jobs? Give us a try and see what make us different.

Currently hiring:


Short order cook

  • Preparing ingredients: The cook is responsible for grilling hamburger patties & other items, slicing vegetables, and preparing condiments and sauces.

  • Assembling hamburgers: The cook must be able to assemble finished hamburgers quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they are cooked to FMB quality specifications.

  • Maintaining a clean work area: The cook must keep the cooking area clean and organized, including countertops, grills, and fryers.

  • Following food safety standards: The cook must adhere to all food safety regulations, including keeping food at proper temperatures and properly storing and labeling food items.

  • Communicating with customers: The cook may need to communicate with customers, taking their orders and providing them with information about menu items.

  • Collaborating with kitchen staff: The cook must be able to work well with others, including kitchen staff and servers, to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently.

  • Operating kitchen equipment: The cook must be able to safely operate kitchen equipment, such as grills and fryers.

  • Stocking supplies: The cook must ensure that the kitchen is adequately stocked with ingredients and supplies, including hamburger buns, condiments, and toppings.  Lifting of items over 25lbs may be required.

  • Food handling card required within 30 days of start

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